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The Eagle Scout Project Approval Process

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Preliminary Approval:
1). Think of a project helpful to any religious institution, school, or your community.

2). Discuss the project with your Eagle Coach (Scoutmaster, troop leader, or other helpful point of contact). This is so they know your plans, and to gain their support.


3). Discuss the project with the beneficiary (that’s the person who will benefit or receive your project) to make insure it is something they want done. Do not promise the beneficiary the project will be done – remember, it's not approved yet.

4). The project proposal must be approved by the district before you start. Contact the Kaposia District Eagle Scout Coordinator (see below) for preliminary approval to insure the project fits the criteria of an Eagle project. You and your Eagle Coach must be familiar with the criteria laid out in the project workbook. The preliminary project approval is to prevent you from spending too much time and effort on something that might not be acceptable, and is typically done by phone and e-mail.

5). Once you have preliminary approval (this may take a few days) from the Kaposia District Eagle Scout Coordinator, you may proceed with planning and obtain signatures from your Unit Leader, your Unit Committee Leader, and the project beneficiary.

Presentation and Approval of the Project Plan:
6). Then, contact the Kaposia District Eagle Scout Coordinator again to arrange a time to present your project plan to the Kaposia District Eagle Scout Project Board. This team consists of at least three people from the district, and meets on the third Tuesday of each month. The team does meet in June and July when there is not a Roundtable. Project Reviews take roughly 15 minutes. This is when the district officially signs off on your project. It is important that you contact the Kaposia District Eagle Scout Advancement Chair at least two weeks in advance to insure there is space in the schedule. During busy months, we may need to add an additional review team, so please plan ahead!

NOTE: It is recommended that you provide an electronic copy of your workbook to the Kaposia District Eagle Scout Coordinator prior to the district project review. If you are unable to send it electronically, please bring three extra copies with you to your review.


7). Once you have district approval from the Kaposia District Eagle Scout Project Board, you may proceed with your final project development plan and begin working on your project.

Kaposia District Eagle Scout Coordinator
Pat O'Leary


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