Thursday, October 18, 2018
Distinguished Leadership Award

Kaposia District has created this special award for volunteer leaders.

If you know of a leader who has gone above and beyond the call of duty by… 

       providing leadership to a unit, units, or the district 

keeping units informed on events, procedures, and programs at both the District and Council level 


helping to provide a better program within a unit, or units, for the boys …

then please nominate that person for the Distinguished Leadership Award! 


Here is the Nomination Form for our 2018 Award.  Nominations are due by April 10th -- April Roundtable.

District Distinguished Leadership Award     Word   PDF

Distinguished Leader Award Recipients
YearSorted By Year In Descending OrderRecipient
2017Mandy Berberena
2017Brian Caswell
2017Mary Dilla
2017Bobbi Froehlich
2017Patrick O'Leary
2017Terry Zien
2016Nicole Delfino-Jansen
2016Mark Johnston
2016Richard Oesterreich
2016Dwight Rabuse
2016Bill Zaspel
2015Andrea Rey
2015Ryan Schmotter
2015Susan Sexton
2015Ken Weisenburger
2015Babette Kelly
2014Sarah Brewer
2014Peter Froehlich
2014Jim McKie
2013Dan Halsey
2013Tom Hillstrom
2013Steve Miers
2013Brent Olmstead
2012Jim Kitchen
2011Doug Fromm
2011Steve Meirs
2011Terri Tufte
2010Peter Kronschabel
2010Chris Riley
2010Sherry Walkush
2009Carl Baumeister
2009Larry Clatt
2009Greg Sexton
2009Sue Smith
2008Jeanne Bruss
2008Steve Jacobson
2008Tony Kadrlik
2008Stacy Southward
2007Carl Anderson
2007Joe Kaliszewski
2007Jill Sampson
2007Margaret White
2006John Edwards
2006Dan Franz
2006Randy Sampson
2006Karen Wright
2005Art Anderson
2005Daniel Franz
2005Kathy Jensen
2005Tim Lenartz
2004Julie Fraboni
2004Keith Lyksett
2004Reuben Miller
2004Lee Monsrud
2003Dave Arnold
2003Brian Bullock
2003Joe Crowe
2003Mark Ellenberger
2003Steve Jacobson
2002Faith Anderson
2002John Gabriel
2002Van Nelson
2002Steve Weber
2001Vern Caturia
2001Joe Karels
2001Ron Purcell
2001Sharon Tweit
2000Diane Heitzinger
2000Maureen Koska
2000Brenda Tiefenbruck
2000Tom Tweit
1999Tom Polzin
1999Craig Solberg
1999Peter Swanlund
1998Jerry Carlson
1998Julie Fraboni
1998Grant Tiefenbruck
1997Bev Easton
1997Gary Gottfried
1997Jeff Maltby
1997Charlie Opp
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