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Commissioners are a unit's first line of help in Scouting. They work to get the answers to your Scouting questions. There are a number of different types of commissioners.

Each unit (pack, troop, and crew) should have a unit commissioner. Your unit commissioner should be your unit's resource as they help your unit be its best. There are also roundtable commissioners. These commissioners develop and present the program and training at your district's monthly roundtable.

To support the unit commissioners and roundtable commissioners, there is the assistant district commissioner (ADC). Each ADC provides support and backup help to the other commissioners. The leader of the ADC's, the unit commissioners and the roundtable commissioners is the district commissioner.

The district commissioner is your district's leader of the commissioner staff and with the ADC's, work to make sure your unit has the best possible commissioner to help your unit's program. The district commissioner is also one of your district's Key 3 (district commissioner, district committee chair, and district executive).


Commissioner Talking Points:

January                  February                    March

April                       May                            June

July                        August                       September

October                 November                  December

Form and List
Pack 9037Tim Farley612-812-9269tgfmail@comcast.net
Troop 9248Tim Farley612-812-9269tgfmail@comcast.net
Ship 9248Tim Farley612-812-9269tgfmail@comcast.net
Pack 9039Dennis Boehm651-263-4836dennis.p.boehm@gmail.com
Troop 9264Dennis Boehm651-263-4836dennis.p.boehm@gmail.com
Pack 9198Dennis Boehm651-263-4836dennis.p.boehm@gmail.com
Pack 9288Kim Baumeister651-788-3021kim.baumeister@gmail.com
Troop 9288Kim Baumeister651-788-3021kim.baumeister@gmail.com
Pack 9429Mark Ellenberger612-812-9269mellenberger@att.net
Troop 9099Kim Baumeister651-788-3021kim.baumeister@gmail.com
Pack 9079Kim Baumeister651-788-3021kim.baumeister@gmail.com
Troop 9219Kim Baumeister651-788-3021kim.baumeister@gmail.com
Pack 9099Kim Baumeister651-788-3021kim.baumeister@gmail.com
Pack 9095Joe Kaliszewski612-616-2989jkalisze0053@gmail.com
Troop 9095Joe Kaliszewski612-616-2989jkalisze0053@gmail.com
Pack 9540Terri Tufte651-335-9958terri.tufte@gmail.com
Pack 9507Tony Kadrlik651-414-1207tmkad@comcast.net
Troop 9507Tony Kadrlik651-414-1207tmkad@comcast.net
Pack 9083Margaret White651-295-2871white.margaret@gmail.com
Troop 9083Margaret White651-295-2871white.margaret@gmail.com
Pack 9055Dan Franz651-247-2164danielmfranz@hotmail.com
Pack 644Dan Franz651-247-2164danielmfranz@hotmail.com
Troop 9286Dan Franz651-247-2164danielmfranz@hotmail.com
Pack 9246Terri Tufte651-335-9958terri.tufte@gmail.com
Troop 9237Terri Tufte651-335-9958terri.tufte@gmail.com
Pack 9777Jan Karlstrand651-734-3973jankarls@comcast.net
Troop 9777Jan Karlstrand651-734-3973jankarls@comcast.net
Pack 9287Jan Karlstrand612-812-9269jankarls@comcast.net
Crew 9781Mark Ellenberger612-812-9269mellenberger@att.net
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